WARNING - The combat is FULL CONTACT, with a variety of weapon systems and weapon simulators. Sufficient protective gear is required in order to limit the chance of injury. Whilst there is limited loaner gear available , it is suggested that anyone interested in this form of combat training acquire suitable head, hand, leg and body protection. The equipment page on this site will endeavour to show the best equipment and how to get it, based on the market, as well as personal experience, and will be constantly updated. The methods / techniques taught and practiced at training are interpretations derived from historical text,  particularly MEDIEVAL and Renaissance periods, and is focused on the MARTIAL ART aspect, so training is formal and structured as required, warm ups, with repetition of drills and skills, followed by practice and sparring,

New members are encouraged to attend RUNESTONE FIGHTING ASSOCIATION , ( formerly known as Kingsley Swords ) training sessions, conducted on Tuesday evenings..... This gives the person an opportunity to familiarise themselves with training weaponry and learn some medieval combat skills........ All skill and fitness levels are catered for, with the weapon simulators varying in accordance with skill level.... so minimal armour is required to start, however a satisfactory mask, gloves, and some sort of body protection is required, Some loaner gear is available, but those wanting to further their training and skill level, should obtain these basic items ASAP..... Tuesday training sessions are conducted at Dalmain Primary School In Kingsley.  note - ( Dalmain Primary school has no affiliation with Runestone Fighting Association or Free Company - it is purely a hired location and venue for us to conduct our training. )

Sunday training is HEMA , ( Historical European Martial Arts ) based,,,, with drills , skills lessons and contact sparring... This is an advanced class, conducted using metal weaponry, and full protective kit.... the training is based primarily on the german longsword system, studying treaties by Johannes Liechtenauer, an aggressive, offensive style of close combat, intermixed with modern military instruction strategies and training outcomes that can be utilised with most Medieval era weapon systems.

RANKING system.

1. BEGINNER.       -  encouraged to attend Tuesday  trg - aquire  personal kit.  Skill level is under construction / instruction assisted by ranks below. Identified as suitable for further training. Beginners may also fulfil admin roles at events. This is conducted through / at RUNESTONE FIGHTING ASSOCIATION training sessions.

2. MAN AT ARMS.     - expected to attend Runestone Fighting Association trg  sessions, encouraged to attend SUNDAY trg, / displays ( duties as tasked )- have started acquiring and updating personal kit. including manufacture of FREE  COMPANY shield and gorget.   Skill level is suitable to compete in tournaments,  KNIGHT FIGHT, and to assist in trg new members.   In order to progress to rank of KNIGHT, a Man at Arms is to show competency, skill at arms, knowledge of the ART, safety and risk analysis, in the form of a test of objectives. Time spent as a Man at Arms is relevant to skill, safety equipment requirements, conduct of each individual..... Men at Arms wear the colours of the FREE COMPANY and personalise their own kit . 

3. KNIGHT.              - required to attend all trg sessions regularly,  have full HEMA competitive rig , and combat rig for KNIGHT FIGHT, plus personal weapons,  required to compete in tournament and displays. Skill level is suitable to instruct all members, and organise / run events. The Knights form the basis of the round table decision making and planning process.








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             RUNESTONE FIGHTING ASSOCIATION - Located at Dalmain Primary School hall in Kingsley ( Perth northern suburbs )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ( just off the Hepburn Ave exit from freeway )

             Tuesday training starts at 6pm..... Come along and have a look...... Some loaner gear available for beginners..... bring what you have.

                                                                                                                        Basic requirements - head / hand protection

             RUNESTONE FIGHTING ASSOCIATION has regular tournaments with various weapon systems and weapon simulators.